White activists march in Denver against racist political rhetoric

When Donald Trump announced plans to come to Denver, activists in a white anti-racist group planned to march downtown tonight to protest racism in the presidential race.

Trump cancelled because Cruz is sweeping up Colorado’s GOP delegates. But Showing Up for Racial Justice didn’t.

Their “March for the Other America” will still happen at 6 p.m., starting at Union Station, and will be led by children and feature face-painting, among other kid-friendly activities.

It’s not just Trump the group is protesting, said SURJ organizer Rev. Anne Dunlap. It’s Ted Cruz. It’s the state Republican Party for refusing to denounce hate speech in political campaigns. It’s the entire system of white supremacy that may be more explicit on the Republican side of politics, but shadows Democratic Party policies too, as Dunlap tells it.

SURJ has also launched an online petition demanding the state GOP denounce racist rhetoric.

A Colorado Republican Party spokesman said the state GOP had no comment on the petition or the march. Party brass were slammed preparing for Friday’s congressional district meetings in which party members will be selecting delegates.

Dunlap says the white supremacy her group is denouncing isn’t just a Republican phenomenon. SURJ members are active in struggles to stop mass deportation, which is at its highest rate ever under the administration of President Barack Obama, a Democrat.

The goal of the march, she says, is to show “We’re not here for hate speech. We’re not here for fomenting more racist violence. We’re here to build up a new world together.”

That “other America” won’t come solely from electoral politics, Dunlap continued, but from grassroots efforts. The details of what this “other America” will look like have not been hammered out.

The guiding principle, Dunlap said, will be love.

“We love our Muslim neighbors in our community, and we stand with them. We love immigrant folks in our community. And we want our community to be safe for everyone, in a safety that’s rooted in love and respect and dignity.”

Photo credit: Showing Up For Racial Justice


  1. “Anti racist” is simply another code word for ANTI WHITE. And anti Christian.

    These hateful bigot SJW freaks are laughed at by EVERYONE. Serious Americans care about our National Security… and keeping our country safe from radical violent totalitarian cults such as Islam.

    Somewhere along the way…. so called “Liberals” traded the true Libertarian values of Jefferson, for hard core Leftist insanity and Leftist Fascism.

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