Donald Trump keeps tweeting about Colorado, warns of protests

Gage Skidmore


As much as Donald Trump has been raging about Colorado, it’s only a matter of time until some cannabis entrepreneur capitalizes on a chill-out Trump novelty strain.

In the meantime, The Donald hasn’t let up on why he thinks Ted Cruz’s clean sweep of Colorado’s delegates is a Rocky Mountain ripoff.

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Behold Trump’s latest in the last 24 hours:

What’s he talking about? It is true that more than one million registered voters in Colorado could not participate in the March 1 caucuses for the Democratic and Republican Parties. That’s because they were unaffiliated voters. There has been talk since those chaotic caucuses about how Colorado could move toward a system that involves the state’s largest voting bloc — independents.

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What’s he talking about? In August, Colorado’s Republican leaders voted to cancel an official Super Tuesday straw poll for president. Doing so was met with cheers and jeers as it would make Colorado’s 37 delegates unbound to whoever might have won that straw poll when they got to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. If Republicans here had held a straw poll they would be bound to whichever candidate won it. Republican leaders wanted their delegates to be free agents in Cleveland so they cancelled the poll. Instead, about 4,000 loyal party members selected 34 delegates who support Cruz at the GOP state convention in Colorado Springs on Saturday, which made Trump blow his top.

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Come on, man, what’s a protest without a hashtag?


[Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons on Flickr]