Sanders wins Colorado. Dem leaders still back Clinton.


Most Colorado Democrats love Bernie Sanders.

That’s what results at today’s state Democratic convention show. Despite a bevy of elected officials serving as Hillary Clinton-pledged superdelegates, Democrats overwhelmingly felt the Bern.

Combine the numbers from the last two weeks of congressional district assemblies and today’s convention: 41 back Sanders, 25 back Clinton and 12 super delegates are formally uncommitted, though eight have already said they support Clinton.

Even if Clinton were to win all of the state’s superdelegates, she would be outnumbered by Colorado’s Bernie buffs.

At the Colorado convention, Team Sanders out-shouted Team Clinton, shouting at her supporters: “Change your vote.”

Rep. Joe Salazar, one of the few elected officials who actually supports his state Party’s favorite, spoke to cheers, while Clinton-backers like U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb spoke to jeers.

Sanders supporters say they have been betrayed by the majority of the state’s superdelegates including Gov. John Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet, Reps. Ed Perlmutter, Diana DeGette and Jared Polis, former Gov. Roy Romer, Mannie Rodriguez and Blanca O’Leary who have all thrown their weight behind establishment favorite Clinton despite this square state’s grassroots popular will.

The other four superdelegates — Anthony Graves, Lisa Padilla, Beverly Ryken and Democratic State Party Chair Rick Palacio — have not announced their candidate.

No superdelegate has pledged support for Sanders. The Party allows superdelegates to switch candidates up until the day of the DNC.



  1. Good reporting. On a cold, snowy, blustery Colorado day, you might say that Hillary received a cold reception.

  2. Good report! I was there today as a CD7 delegate for Bernie Sanders. The “change your vote ” chant was directed to the super delegates ie Michael Bennett and company and not towards the elected Hillary Clinton delagates!

  3. What people need to do is run progressive candidates against those superdelegates that won’t reflect the will of their state. Whether Bernie gets the nomination or no, this movement must not pack up and go home after the election!

  4. I disagree with the headline “Most Colorado Democrats love Bernie Sanders”. It should reflect that most of the Colorado Democratic Convention attendees love Bernie Sanders- but only 13% of the 934,818 registered Democrats participated in the caucuses. Of those, 8% of the registered Democrats chose Sanders’ delegates.

    A primary that allowed all registered Democrats to vote, preferrably over several days- or by mail- would have been a more accurate indication of Bernie love.

    I appreciate the progressive movement, and I hope it continues past the election- but don’t claim “all Democrats” would vote for Bernie, because some of us would not.

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