Wiretap: SCOTUS Immigration case will transform the election

Major case

The stakes couldn’t be much higher in the United States v. Texas, arguably the most important immigration case to hit the Supreme Court in a generation, or maybe a century. The case will determine the fate of Obama’s 2014 executive orders on immigration. The post-Scalia, eight-person court hears arguments today, but the decision won’t come until June. However it turns out — pro-Obama, anti-Obama or a 4-4 tie —  it will almost certainly play a critical role in the presidential campaign. Via Vox.

Wishing for Warren

Carl Cannon: In the crazy 2016 presidential race, maybe the surest bet is that Elizabeth Warren would have annihilated anyone in the field. Via The Orange County Register.

Crime bill

Yes, the incarceration was rising rapidly before Bill Clinton’s crime bill in 1994. But, argues Thomas Frank, that doesn’t make the bill any less harmful. Via The Guardian.

Antiquated notions?

Bernie Sanders looks to Northern European-style social democracy as a blueprint for how to make America more fair. But surprisingly, European Social Democrats gave up on many of those ideas years ago. Via The New Yorker.

Far right

How conservative is Ted Cruz? This conservative: If he wins the nomination, he’d be the most conservative nominee since Barry Goldwater. Via The New York Times.

Protesting Colorado

Donald Trump’s new campaign strategist says Trump will protest the delegate-selection results in Colorado. Via Politico.

Riot worries

Worried about Trump’s predictions of riots at the Republican convention if he doesn’t win the nomination? Maybe Trump is, too. Now he’s saying he hopes there’s no violence. Is that progress? Via The New York Times.

No chance

Jonah Goldberg: Why I will never, ever, at any time, no matter what, support the Donald. And here’s why, at some length. A conservative’s lament. Via The National Review.

Tragedy rising

As death rates spike for white women between the ages of 25 and 55, The Washington Post’s Eli Saslow takes a close look at one such tragedy.

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker, Creative Commons, Flickr

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