Wiretap: Think Trump can’t beat Clinton? Think again.

No confidence

For those Democrats confident that Clinton would easily beat Trump, Howard Fineman offers seven reasons why they shouldn’t be confident at all. Via The Huffington Post.

President Trump

Wondering what a President Trump would actually look like? The Donald sits down with The New York Times and explains his plans for his first 100 days in some — if not a whole lot of — detail.

What now?

Now that Trump has won the GOP nomination, a lot of people in his party are wondering what to do next. Certainly there’s no lack of confusion. Take New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, who faces a tough race for re-election. She has declared that she’s going to “support” Trump, but that she won’t “endorse” him.  Expect to see a lot more where that came from. Via The New York Times.

In shock

America must preserve the shock of Trump’s nomination for the next six months, E.J. Dionne writes in The Washington Post. He says we can’t allow the media or the parties to normalize an election with Trump this close to the presidency.

Two roads

David Frum writes in The Atlantic that Hillary Clinton faces two choices in how she runs against a weakened Trump. She could run to the center and possibly win a landslide victory, although at the risk of alienating every Bernie Sanders supporter. Or she could run to the left and send a lot of wavering Republicans back into the arms of the Donald.

After party

David French writes in The National Review that “the party of Lincoln is in ruins.” Like George Will before him, he says that conservatives should stay firm in their opposition to Trump, even against Hillary Clinton.

Self defense

Jonathan Chait asks what Republicans can do to protect themselves in the likely event of a Trump election-night disaster. Via New York Magazine.

Low roads

On the first night of Trump’s presumptive nomination, the media already fails the false equivalency test. Chuck Todd says that Trump and Clinton will follow the same “low road” in their campaigns. Via Erik Wemple and The Washington Post.

The Odyssey

Chris Cillizza takes us on the Donald’s 323-day odyssey to the GOP nomination. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr

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