Wiretap: What’s next for Bernie Sanders?

Next move

Doyle McManus: What’s Bernie Sanders’ next move — and how will it affect the Democrats’ chances in November? Via The Los Angeles Times.

Back off

Trump hits back at Paul Ryan, suggesting that he might block the House Speaker from chairing the Republican convention. On ABC’s “This Week,” Trump says he’s running on the Republican Party ticket, not “the Conservative Party. Via The New York Times.

Warren v. Trump

Yes, the race looks certain to be Trump vs. Clinton. And the latest feud is Trump vs. Ryan. But if you watch Twitter, the real action is Trump vs. Warren. Trump calls Warren “goofy” and a “fraud.” Warren calls Trump a “bully” and vows he “won’t step foot in the White House.” Via Politico.

Pinocchio whoppers

Glenn Kessler: Trump piles up the four-Pinocchio whoppers, and yet, if you watch his interviews on cable news, no one calls him on them. Via The Washington Post.

Humpty Dumpty

Trump breaks the GOP, and now the question is whether anyone possibly can put it back together again. Colorado’s own Eli Stokols via Politico.

Winning chances

Ten reasons why Trump could actually win this thing, via Matthew Tully of the Indianapolis Star, who didn’t believe these 10 things himself until he saw Trump in action.

Pathological liar

Erick Erickson writes that if Republicans are going to vote for a “pathological liar” and serial philanderer in the Donald, they should apologize first for impeaching Bill Clinton. Via The Resurgent.

Liberal intolerance

Nicholas Kristof: Go to universities if you want to find examples of liberal intolerance. Via The New York Times.

Last stand

Roy Moore, the ever-controversial chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is still fighting to try to block gay marriage. Will this be his last stand? Via The Atlantic.

Spy family

The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies. The must-read story in The Guardian of Donald Heathfield, Tracey Foley and their two sons who were living the American Dream until an FBI raid revealed the secret that the parents were agents of Putin’s Russia.

Photo credit: Alex Hanson, Creative Commons, Flickr

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