Keefe: Does Colorado really need a legislature?

Longtime Denver Post staffer and winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. His work has appeared in many of the nation's top news publications.


  1. Well, it is an interesting question, especially since TABOR took away their one real reason for being there, taxing and spending. Another reason why TABOR was an incredibly stupid thing to do to ourselves.

    And if they are going to be like the national republican party and make a point of NOT doing anything, then I see no reason to pay them to sit there and do nothing. The money would be far better spent providing health care for someone or education for the kids of the state.

    So I guess the question is what are we getting for the money? Not much, it looks like. Maybe, since they really only have symbolic power, not having the ability to tax and spend, the position should be considered symbolic as well, and we just symbolically pay them. A dollar a year seems about right. And the republicans should be happy about that, too.

    Interesting question. Now, is it really being asked anywhere but in this cartoon? Seriously?

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