Wiretap: How the GOP could fix the Party by 2020

Chaos season

If you thought the Republican primary was a season of chaos, you’re not alone. And so GOP leaders are planning to change things — again — for the 2020 primary season.  The schedule could change, with Nevada losing its spot among the first four states. And expect a big push for closed primaries. Meanwhile, look for Democrats to shake things up, too — but by moving to open primaries. Via The New York Times.

Rigged system

What Bernie Sanders gets right when he says the system is rigged. And what he gets wrong. Via Vox.

Helping Hillary

How Bernie is actually helping Hillary and not hurting her by staying in the race and pushing the progressive cause. Via The New Republic.

No guarantees

Those latest Trump polls? If the primary season taught us anything, it’s that Democrats should know they can’t just wish them away. Via Medium.

In line

Margaret Carlson on Republicans and Trump: They may not be falling in love, but they are falling in line. Lindsey Graham is the latest to make the move. Via Bloomberg View.

Third party

At The National Review, there are still holdouts. David French begs Mitt Romney to run as a third-party candidate.

Million bucks

Remember that million bucks Trump said he was giving to veterans?  Well, he’s finally done it. He says. Via The Washington Post.

Fat tales

Even in Texas, you can apparently lose a GOP primary election when you say that Obama was once a drug-addicted gay prostitute. But it did take a run-off. Via The New York Times.

Photo credit: Tellessa Myles, Creative Commons, Flickr

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