Wiretap: Hillary Clinton’s email scandal isn’t disappearing

Trust issues

The State Department inspector general’s report on Hillary Clinton’s emails hit her where she is most vulnerable — on the issue of trust. And it wasn’t long before Donald Trump was saying that “Crooked Hillary is as crooked as they come.” Via The New York Times.

User error

Clinton’s email problem just got a lot worse. A whole lot worse. Via Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post.

Damn emails

It looks like Bernie still has no interest in the “damn emails.” Via Politico.

No unity

Trump’s idea of party unity: He attacks GOP Gov. Susana Martinez in her home state. Do you wonder why Paul Ryan is having so much trouble pulling the trigger on an endorsement? Via The Washington Post.

Taking responsibility

Joan Walsh: The media are not helpless in the wake of Hurricane Don and his campaign of personal destruction. Now they need to act like it. Via The Nation.

Strategy needed

Clinton has no idea how to attack Trump. Just watch Elizabeth Warren do it, and you can see how badly Clinton fails. Via Slate.

Pounding Trump

At The National Review, they keep pounding Trump. Charles Murray writes that “Hillary is even worse” doesn’t cut it.

New house

The Obamas have found a post-White House place to live — a nine-bedroom rental with a mother-in-law suite and room for the Secret Service. Via The New York Times.

Liberal arts

Long read: A letter from Oberlin. What’s really roiling the liberal-arts campus. Via The New Yorker.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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