Wiretap: Democrats stand up by sitting down

Sitting in

It was wild day, and late into the night, on the House floor as Democrats staged a sit-in, protesting Speaker Paul Ryan’s refusal to hold votes on gun-control bills. Democrats shouted Ryan down, and Republicans gaveled the session to a close. But Democrats didn’t go home. Instead, they sang “We Shall Overcome,” with lines like “We shall pass a bill someday,” as passions ran high on both sides of the aisle.

Peaceful protest

How Democrats mounted their sit-in. Via Politico.

Cameras on

We know that social media has changed politics. This time it was Twitter’s Periscope that put the sit-in on the air after the Republicans turned off the cameras. Via Vox.

Trump’s mouth

Trump calls Hillary Clinton a “world-class liar.” It wasn’t the worst thing he said about her, either. Via The New York Times.

Fact check

And then there’s the fact check of Trump’s charges. Via The New York Times.

Clinton v. Trump

Amy Davidson on Donald Trump’s scandalous speech on the Clinton scandals. Via The New Yorker.

The Donnie

What was Donald Trump like as a child? You may not be surprised to learn that little Donnie was a lot like The Donald. Via The Washington Post.

Brexit’s error

The pro-Brexit crowd may well be targeting the wrong people. Via The Week.

Flying mud

The Brexit argument is not like most political affairs in Britain. This time, it’s nasty and even rude. Via The National Review.

Photo via C-SPAN. 

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