Hillary Clinton hits up Denver the same week as Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominees for president in their respective parties, will both be in the Mile High City this week, setting up Colorado’s role as a 2016 battle ground.

Today, Clinton will stop by Galvanize, a Denver co-working space  for “entrepreneurs and startups that offers tech-focused education and training opportunities,” according to her campaign.

Clinton will tour of the facility and speak with the companies CEO “about the links between technology, education, and workforce development,” the campaign said in a statement, adding that Clinton is interested in how the United States “can build an economy that works for everyone—not just those at the top—with good jobs and a good education available in every zip code.”

“Due to space constraints, this event will be pooled for local and national media,” the campaign said.

Clinton comes to Colorado on the same day Republicans choose their nominee — in a sprawling, anyone’s-guess five-way primary — to run against incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. Bennet is a Clinton superdelegate who has been talked about as a potential vice presidential pick.

Colorado has trended blue in recent statewide and presidential elections, but is seen as a bellwether and a battleground because of its nearly balanced electorate where Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters make up about a third each of general election votes.

While Clinton had a lock on Colorado’s Democratic political elite — the entire Democratic congressional delegation, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar and others supported her— the state’s Democratic voters overwhelmingly supported Bernie Sanders at the March 1 caucuses by a margin of 19 percent.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be in Colorado Friday for the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

Trump all but skipped Colorado during his own primary, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz racked up all available delegates at Trump’s expense. The Donald later accused Republican officials of running a rigged caucus system.

[Photo credit:DonkeyHotey via Creative Commons in Flickr]


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