Wiretap: The big Supreme Court win for abortion rights defenders

 Abortion rights

The Supreme Court rolls back the Texas law for unconstitutionally restricting abortions, but that’s just the beginning. Republican-led state legislatures have loaded up on laws making abortion more difficult. But the court just made it far more difficult for those states to defend the legal challenges on the way from abortion-rights defenders. Via The New York Times.

Notorious RBG

And to make the case for abortion rights even stronger, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote, in a concurrence,  the factual finding that abortion is actually safe — and that the last thing the Texas law was trying to do was protect the health of women. Via The Washington Post.

Under the table

In the other big Supreme Court case, the court unanimously decides that a little bribery involving government officials is no big deal. So let’s pass out the Rolexes while they’re hot. Via The New Yorker.

Not cool

The Red Cross is apologizing for a troubling, racially insensitive poster seen at two different Colorado pools. The poster advises swimmers to “Be Cool, Follow the Rules,” but a closer look reveals that it is mostly white children who are “cool.” Children of color’s behavior, meanwhile, is largely labeled “not cool.”

No takebacks

The leaders who pushed for the British exit from the European Union are now saying they want to stay in the European Union market. Yes, things have gone just that barmy.  Via The New York Times.

In shambles

It’s not surprising that Britain’s Conservatives are in shambles in the post-Brexit-vote world, but why is Labour in similar straits? Vox explains.

No tantrums

Eugene Robinson: Brexit is a cautionary tale for those ready to vote for Donald Trump. Throwing a tantrum at the polls is not necessarily liberating, he writes. It can also be self-defeating. Via The Washington Post.

Say what?

Is this possible? The National Review says that Brexit actually has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

High hopes

Politico asks whether Hillary Clinton, climbing in the polls, needs Elizabeth Warren any more. But the better question — following the Clinton-Warren rally Monday — might be whether Clinton has risked raising the hopes of Warren’s many fans.

Iran disagreement

You may have missed it with all the attention always directed at Trump, writes Eli Lake for Bloomberg, but Obama and Clinton have very different takes on the Iran nuclear agreement.

Photo credit: Lorie Shaull, Creative Commons, Flickr

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