Coloradans will soon be sick of Trump winning, says Trump

Get ready, Coloradans: Soon you’ll be calling your lawmakers to ask Trump to stop winning so much.

That, of course, is according to The Donald himself, who made his first official Mile High campaign appearance Friday at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, gave a rambling speech at the marquee event of the 7th annual Western Conservative Summit. He talked about immigration: People have to turn each other in, otherwise it’s Orlando and San Bernadino all over again. He explained how the political system is rigged against him, how he will make great trade deals, how he’ll protect the Second Amendment. And he emphasized how much he likes both the National Rifle Association“I will represent the NRA very well” and golf.

Yes, golf. During his 50-minute speech, Trump took time to talk about how much he loves golf. Also his children and his grandchildren, though he said he gets tired of talking about them after “9 or 10 seconds.”

Trump only twice mentioned his Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling her “weak”— a moment that stirred the crowd from its quiet listening.

Trump spoke at length about how his appearances have set attendance records almost everywhere he goes. Yet the Colorado Convention Center won’t be on that list. The 3,600-capacity ballroom at the center was only about 60 percent full for his speech.

If elected, Trump believes he will set a record for the number of Supreme Court Justices appointed under one president — maybe as many as five, he said. The current record belongs to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who appointed eight justices during his four terms in office.

Trump also talked about Colorado, a state that he said he has to win, and promised he’d be back.

The crowd swung between enthusiastic and tepid, roused most by mentions of the Clintons.

Trump hit on his signature issue of immigration. He started off by telling the audience that people have to turn each other in when they see something suspicious – something he said could have prevented the carnage in San Bernardino last December.

He talked at length about Turkey and its role in stopping ISIS. A man in the crowd identified himself as being from Turkey, which led Trump to ask him if he was “a friend or foe.”

Trump also said he would “knock the hell out of ISIS,” but said he wouldn’t reveal his plans because he’s trying to win an election. But he said ISIS doesn’t respect the United States because “they think we are weak, they think we are stupid.”

And the people of Syria? Trump claimed “We don’t know who they are. They could be ISIS and many of them probably are…We will do safe zones in Syria and make the Gulf States pay for it.”

Trump ran through a laundry list of policy topics, but left out specifics. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare “with something better and less expensive,” but with no mention of what that would look like.

“I will save the Second Amendment and eliminate job-killing regulations,” he said. He then said he would enact massive tax reform and simplification, including lowering individual and business tax rates.

He also addressed his status as a political neophyte, pointing out his Republican opponents had a collective 211 years “of experiments” versus his 11 months as a candidate — “and look who won!”

Trump wrapped up his remarks with his standard comments about winning, saying the bit about Coloradans having to call their senators and representatives to ask him to stop winning so much.

“We will win so much the people of Colorado will get sick of it!” he thundered.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr


  1. “We will win so much the people of Colorado will get sick of it!” (Trump) thundered. Here’s a reality check edit – delete “will” and insert “are” as a large number of Colorado RNC delegates “are sick” of Trump and his incoherent, insane behavior. Ditto for the rest of us common folk whose party affiliations he can’t even utter in comments.

  2. Well, he’s right about one thing: THIS resident of Colorado is already SICK TO DEATH of him and his ridiculous NONSENSE. Can’t wait for him to disappear. Hopefully it will be not only in disgrace, but in handcuffs. I cannot STAND this walking waste of human space.

    Thanks, republicans, for being SO nasty over the last 40 years that you’ve destroyed ANY faith in government that ANYONE had, and doing it BY EXAMPLE!

    For the record, government doesn’t work WHEN RIGHT WINGERS ARE IN CONTROL OF IT. They want to show to you how bad it is, then they get in there and PROVE it. If it were someone whose goal ISN’T to demolish everything, to actually do GOOD things for people, that is what happens. When you have SCUM who tell you that they are the problem, count on them telling you the truth. The INSTANT republicans get involved in government, it starts to SUCK.

    Damn it, we deserve better than this! And we’re NEVER going to get it as long as people keep voting for those who want to take everything away from YOU and give it to the already too blasted rich. STOP DOING THAT! STOP voting to screw yourself and every generation to come!

  3. I couldn’t get through the whole speech. Having once taught communication, I have modest standards and lose interest when a speaker hasn’t bothered to prepare. From what I expected and heard:

    Needing party unity, Trump insults those who didn’t support him.

    Needing to show competence, Trump says he doesn’t know there would be teleprompters and talks about preparing a speech while he flew. Maybe I missed it, but from what I heard, he doesn’t reference the people who founded the Summit or those who put it together this year.

    Needing to inspire those at the Western Conservative Summit, he spends time on a brief mention of family and golf, and apparently nothing on faith or classic “small government” conservatism. He speaks of what he will do – but not what this audience can do to help him do what “we” want to do.

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