Colorado GOP chair: Closing in on whoever sent unauthorized #NeverTrump tweet

Esther Vargas


DENVER — Colorado GOP chairman Steve House says he is closer to unmasking whoever used the party’s official Twitter account to tweet “We did it. #NeverTrump” on the night of the April 9 state assembly, a move that led in part to House getting death threats.

The tweet was deleted immediately as party spokesman Kyle Kohli burst into the press room at the Broadmoor World Arena during the assembly shouting “It’s not us!” The party in May filed a federal lawsuit against the unidentified person who gained access to the account and posted the tweet. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages, but is also meant to send a public message that the Colorado Republican Party was not behind the tweet.

The tweet in question had come minutes after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz grabbed all available delegates to the Republican National Convention at Donald Trump’s expense.

Trump later accused Colorado Republicans of a “rigged” caucus system. House said he received death threats in part because of it. But things have smoothed over, House said. On Friday he introduced Trump before a speech at the Western Conservative Summit held this weekend at the Denver Convention Center downtown. And he later attended a fundraiser with Trump in which he says the presumptive nominee told attendees he knows he has to win Colorado and is confident in House as chairman.

As for the mystery of the #NeverTrump tweet, House told The Colorado Independent, “We’re almost through with our court case … We will be announcing sometime soon who actually did that tweet.”

House said the party had had to go through multiple steps with the social media site.

“They have the data,” House said of Twitter. “The issue is for any service like that, how do you get them to give up the information in a legal case?”

House said he did not yet know who the unauthorized user was who sent the tweet.

“Somebody has to be held accountable,” he said. “Look, it caused people to get death threats in part … so ultimately you have to hold somebody accountable when they’ve taken an action they shouldn’t have taken.”



  1. It seems Death Threats are a New-ish form of GOP talking points…If ya can’t win, threaten with death…yep, that’s real American there…

  2. So the unhinged making of death threats isn’t a concern, but the mocking of the Republican Disunity Party is, we see how your lack of comprehension of reality has led to your support for The Donald works now Mr. House.

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