Trump ties: Dems unleash 2-prong attack in Colorado’s tossup races

Joe Goldberg

When it comes to ties, Donald Trump might be doing better with his clothing line than with his ties to Republican incumbents who are up for re-election in swing districts around the country, including Colorado. 

Democrats today unleashed attack ads in two national Colorado races that are being closely watched as two of the tightest in the country. They have one common theme: That’s right, Trump.

“Too Extreme,” a digital ad released today by the Colorado Democratic Party, is a 1:10-minute spot that catalogues some of Trump’s most controversial comments interspersed with clips of GOP U.S. Senate nominee Darryl Glenn stating his support for the Republican presidential nominee.

Glenn is running against incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Green Party candidate Arn Menconi and Libertarian Lily Williams in the November election.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party’s political arm that plays in races for Congress around the country, is spending at least a million dollars to air a pair of ads for a national TV ad campaign. The ads are being deployed in Colorado to target the suburban battleground race between Democrat Morgan Carroll and incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Coffman.

In one ad, the DCCC showcases Republicans who question Trump as the GOP’s standard bearer, with actors saying things like “If he’s our standard bearer, what the heck happened to our standards?” The other ad likens Trump to a school bully, and calls Republican incumbents up for re-election his sidekicks.

The group is calling their ads “unprecedented” because of how early the DCCC is deciding to engage voters it sees as persuadable. The ads will begin running Monday and will air as the Republican National Convention takes place in Cleveland. The group hopes to specifically target unaffiliated women who are 25 or older. They also hit the airwaves as Trump heads to Capitol Hill today to hold talks with Republicans. 

If anything, the two-pronged attack in these swing state races illuminates a synthesized national and statewide anti-Trump strategy that Democrats hope will bring electoral success in November’s down-ballot races.

To counter this strategy, Coffman has his own TV ad, titled “One of Us,” in which he speaks Spanish as women and minorities, young and old, discuss why they like him. One of them calls Coffman “not like other Republicans.”

Republicans control both the U.S. House and and U.S. Senate. Though political analysts predict the Senate could flip to the Democrats, the GOP has a firm hold on the House.

[Photo credit: Joe Goldberg via Creative Commons on Flickr]


  1. I know two things for sure being an Independent voter:
    1. Mike Coffman twice promised us help with a Veteran decorated Navy seal who was taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous guardians and conservators. This guy is a typical politician catering to the elites. Morgan Carroll put aside the politics as a minority member of the Colorado Senate and listened and help our coalition to help the elderly. To me they are not Republican and Democrat but just the difference how two people go through life and which one I want representing me as a commoner.

  2. why does everyone ignore Gail Schwartz? She has a great chance to beat Scott Tipton…Hopefully Bennet will survive his election…

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