Wiretap: Trump’s self-sabotaging rant

Rantin’ Trump

On the day after Hillary Clinton was slammed by the FBI over her emails, Donald Trump gives a speech in Cincinnati focusing on, well, him. In a 30-minute rant, described in The New York Times as “a striking display of self-sabotage,” Trump quickly turned from attacking Clinton to defending himself for publishing the infamous six-pointed-star Tweet — he said he regretted deleting it — and for his praise of Saddam Hussein’s anti-terrorism techniques.

Free school

Clinton gives in to Sanders on college tuition. You can guess what she expects in return. Via The New York Times.

Burning endorsement

Sanders may be getting closer to an endorsement, but, for now, he’s still getting there in his own Bernie-like way. Via New York magazine.

GOP coup

The Wall Street Journal says an anti-Trump coup at the GOP convention is a long shot, but still possible.

Cruz’s future

As the GOP heads to Cleveland this month for its national convention, Ted Cruz is already working on 2020. Via The National Review.

Red south

Trump has his southern strategy down pat, but the question is how much of  the South is still solidly red enough to make it work. Via The New Yorker.

Shame on James

Matthew Miller, former director of public affairs at the Department of Justice, writes that James Comey’s decision to publicly reprimand someone against whom he would bring no charges was a “gross abuse of power.” Via The Washington Post.

No change

Dana Milbank on Obama, the reluctant warrior, who concedes that troops will remain in Afghanistan after he leaves office. Via The Washington Post.

Abortion stats

If you want to know what Texas lawmakers really had in mind in putting restrictions on abortion facilities, all you have to do is check out the state’s abortion statistics. Via The Texas Tribune.

Photo credit: Mike Licht, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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  1. The only thing that is “sabotaged”… is all the idiots who attacked Trump.

    Now there are Muslim terrorist attacks and rapes EVERY FREAKING DAY and everyone sees it. Trump is VINDICATED.

    And the Leftist freakazoid idiots? Everyone can clearly see now you are all criminals, conspirators, liars and thieves. Thanks to Comey and the FBI letting arch criminal Hitlery SKATE…. while others languish in prison for lesser crimes !

    You Leftists are a total joke. Why don’t you just go down to your local Mosque… get on your little knees…. and offer your “social justice white guilt” selves as sex slaves for the Jihad.

    And if you’re going to burn the American flag… you might want to consider leaving this country. Because most of us American’s don’t give a damn what some Leftist traitor judge ruled in 1969.


  2. Establishment Republicans and Democrats have been screwing this country for DECADES….. !

    And you really think we give a damn if Trump isn’t “politically correct” enough for you ?

    TRUMP 2016

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