Wiretap: Darryl Glenn to speak at GOP convention

GOP speakers

The New York Times has the scoop on the preliminary speaker list at the GOP convention. And our own Darryl Glenn, who is suddenly a fervent Trump supporter, made the cut. So did Tim Tebow. But in an upset, no Sarah Palin — and, in what can’t be a surprise by now, very few Republican stars.

Make America hate again

In a Times story that the Trump campaign will not like, Nicholas Confessore writes that among many white people who see America in decline, Trump’s name evokes an easily understood message of racial hostility.

License to play

The latest from Cleveland: While Cleveland officials affirm it’s OK for protesters at the GOP convention to carry guns, they also note that water guns, toy guns, knives, aerosol cans, rope and tennis balls are barred. Seriously. Via The Wall Street Journal.

Cleveland preps

The Washington Post takes a look at preparations in Cleveland for the big week. It finds: empty jail cells — in preparation for riots, one assumes — and many empty hotel rooms.

Pirate Newt

Newt Gingich explains that the problem Trump faces if he chooses him for vice-president is that both of them are pirates, and Trump might worry about having a two-pirate ticket. He didn’t say, though, if either would have to wear an eyepatch. Via Fox News. Meanwhile, The National Journal explains why Gingrich, piratical or not, is the right choice for Trump.

Trump is what?

The New York Times says in an editorial that Donald Trump is right. Mark it down. You may not see it again. But The Times says he was right to say that the Notorious RGB should not mess around with politics.

Not so notorious

Ginsburg is hardly the first Supreme Court justice to get herself involved in partisan politics. There’s plenty of precedent to go around. Via Politico.

Stuck on TPP

 Bill Scher: Bernie may have gotten Clinton to bend on a lot of issues in the Democratic platform, but the truth is that Sanders lost on the big one — TPP — which proves that Hillary is still in charge. Via Politico

Clinton morphs

The National Review doesn’t see the Bernie-Hillary debate in quite the same way. It sees Clinton as morphing into Sanders.

Scandal, the sequel

 How Clinton should react to the next scandal (and if she becomes president, there will certainly be more, real or otherwise): Do not overreact, do not over-deny, do not act as if you have seen it all before. Via The New Yorker.

Catch ’em all

And, in case you don’t understand the Pokemon Go stuff, that’s why we have Vox.

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