Join us Monday for an evening with Mike Littwin

Dear readers,

If you’re looking for reassurance after the GOP and Democratic conventions, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you need someone who can help explain this crazy political cycle and put it all in context, you’re in luck.

The Colorado Independent is putting together a little shindig this Monday evening with our own columnist Mike Littwin, who can help make sense of Election 2016 if anyone can. As you probably already know, Mike has been covering presidential politics in his signature “fair and unbalanced” fashion basically forever (for the record, his first trip to the snows of New Hampshire came in 1984). We brought you his nightly takes on last week’s Republican convention. He’s doing the same thing this week with the Dems.

So far, we’ve got Trumpian dystopia, Colorado delegates leading a walkout, Cruz and his open-floor rebellion and Melania’s plagiarism problem, all of which led to a five-point GOP bounce in the first CNN post-convention poll. Nate Silver now gives Trump a 42 percent chance to become president. Seriously. Meanwhile, Wikileaks and/or Russians have leaked DNC emails (as if Clinton didn’t have enough email problems), Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already been booed off the stage, some Bernie supporters have been chanting “Lock her up,” and the presidential race promises, if possible, to grow even wilder.

Join us this Monday evening, August 1, for dinner and an intimate conversation with Littwin on the conventions, the election cycle and beyond.

Bring a friend and a checkbook. We’re asking for donations of $250 or more to support our non-profit newsroom and its award-winning coverage of Colorado and the presidential race. Space is limited. Write to for reservations.

We hope to see you Monday.

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A recovering newspaper journalist and Pulitzer finalist. Her criminal justice reporting includes “Trashing the Truth,” with Miles Moffeit, and “The Gray Box.”


  1. Forgive me if $250 for an evening subjected to the intolerable bloviations of a Communist/hippie Leftist, whose teenage photos may very likely include a painted VW wagon van at Woodstock 69’…. doesn’t sound all that appealing.

    But don’t take it personally. My dad took care of the spit with a simple shower/laundry after some SJW’s screamed “Baby killer !”

    I will however offer a couple FREE talking points for your discussion.

    #1) Russia is currently defined as a “Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic”.

    #2) After a lengthy Harvard study, it was concluded that America is now an Oligarchy.

    #3) Hitlery Clinton is a terrorist/criminal who works with/for foreign banksters of the Jesuit Crown Corporation…. in league with criminal regimes like Saudi Arabia guilty of vast unimaginable human rights violations. Including funding ISIS, and the Muslim invasion of the west disguised as “refugee’s”.

    #4) TRUMP 2016 can’t be bought, and can’t be silenced. He maintains friendly relations with Putin which is good if you don’t want WWIII. Trump supports the Bill of Rights, Police reforms and accountability, and opposes lying violent rhetoric which endangers Police and creates civil unrest. He also opposes crony “trade deals” veiled in thousands of pages of BS…. and his tax plan is brilliant, simple, and benefits everyone.

    Too many people only care about themselves and money though so….


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