Trump campaign launches statewide offices

Although their candidate is 10 points down in polls in Colorado, supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump aren’t letting that dampen their zeal to see him elected.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign opened several field offices across the state as part of a “national day of action,” according to Patrick Davis, who heads up Trump’s efforts in our square, swing state.

As with many things Trump, the facts and figures are vague. Trump’s website says the campaign opened four new offices Saturday in Wheat Ridge, downtown Denver, Greenwood Village and Loveland. Yet Davis told The Colorado Independent the campaign was setting up 10 offices around the state Saturday, including ones in Mesa and El Paso counties. Most of those offices are shared between the Trump campaign and county Republicans, according to Trump spokesperson Lydia Blaha. The standalone campaign offices, for now, are in Denver and Wheat Ridge.

An open house at the Wheat Ridge office drew a  steady stream of more than 100 supporters – more than the office could hold. The mostly older, white crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk and parking lot, talking up their candidate and discussing issues such as immigration, jobs and foreign policy. They walked out with handfuls of bumper stickers, yard signs and enthusiasm for the next two months before early voting begins.

Momentum is building for Trump in Jefferson County, according to Don Ytterberg, chair of the Jefferson County Republican Party. He called Saturday’s turnout “extraordinary,” adding, “It’s an upbeat group. I knew once the locus of the campaign was announced, people would gravitate to it.”

“We are uniting around our candidate. We need to elect Donald Trump  – we need his tax plan, his economic experience and the justices he will appoint,” he added, instead of the ones that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would name. The party is still working to pull in those who have been slow to embracing the nominee, he said, but he believes eventually enough voters will come around to win Trump the White House.

Davis said Saturday’s turnout was better than he expected. “We know that jobs and the economy are the most important issue in Jefferson County and around the state,” and that people haven’t had pay increases or are working multiple jobs to get by, he said. “Donald Trump offers hope that this will get better.”

Davis said opening a Trump office in downtown Denver was “an aggressive move for a Republican presidential candidate,” given that the city is a Democratic bastion. “It’s a place where we think we can have 20-minute conversations” with people who have questions and want to be convinced to support Trump, Davis said.

The most enthusiastic volunteer at Saturday’s event had to be 12-year old Weston Imer, who is the volunteer co-chair of the Wheat Ridge office along with his mom, Laurel. “I’m at every Trump event, at every district meeting – I’m everywhere,” he proudly told The Independent. During the Saturday open house, Imer dashed from one person to another, carrying around a computer tablet and rallying volunteers.

IMG_2308Imer, who’s entering 7th grade at Golden View Classical Academy, is also the founder of Colorado Kids for Trump, which he hopes will help young people who may be picked on for supporting Trump. He’s already signed up co-chairs in several other counties who will help him defend students’ free speech rights, he added.

The need for the group is based on his own experience. Imer said he has been bullied by students at his school who supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Imer’s work on behalf of the Trump campaign has made him something of a celebrity in the past few weeks, with several TV and newspaper stories on his work. He says he’s looking forward to going back to school now that Trump is the nominee, and to see how the kids who bullied him react to his new-found fame.

As for his own future, Imer is aiming high. He hopes to run for president with Trump’s youngest son Barron Trump as his vice-presidential running mate in 2040.

Photos by Allen Tian and Marianne Goodland, The Colorado Independent

has been a political journalist since 1998. She covered the state capitol for the Silver & Gold Record from 1998 to 2009 and for The Colorado Statesman in 2010-11 and 2013-14. Since 2010 she also has covered the General Assembly for newspapers in northeastern Colorado. She was recognized with awards from the Colorado Press Association for feature writing and informational graphics for her work with the Statesman in 2012.


  1. Oh, please DON’T. Do you people REALLY not see who this man is? Do you REALLY not see that he is a sociopath, a seriously sick and twisted human who doesn’t care about anything but himself? How can you listen to him talk and NOT hear the CONSTANT “Me”, “I”, “ONLY I”, “Nobody but ME” nonsense and NOT draw that conclusion? This man is SO full of himself, there is NO room for ANY concern for you or your life AT ALL.

    ANYONE who supports this man is a FOOL. Plain and simple, a FOOL. you are buying a deck of stacked cards from the guy who stacked them in the first place. You are angry at the 1%, and so you turn to a member OF the 1%, and one of the slimiest ones of all at that. Honestly, I do NOT understand you people at all. Your LACK of understanding, vision, or even just the ability to project forward to see what this idiot would do to the country and the world doesn’t say good things about ANY of you.

    The Donald is a sociopathic nut case, he’s not even a good businessman! If he had just gone for safe investments with the money he had been given, he would be FAR better off than having the 4 bankruptcies and the thousands of legal cases he’s been involved in.

    He’s NOT a good person by ANY stretch of the imagination. He is currently involved in a pretty fair number of cases brought by people he just decided he didn’t want to pay for their work. He’s cheated on his wives, he’s said the NASTIEST things about women, minorities, and even just those who disagreed with him. There isn’t a responsible bone in this jerk’s body, and that keeps being proven every time he opens his face.

    THIS is who you people want as the PRESIDENT? What the !@#$ is wrong with you?????


  2. Mr. Morrison,
    On behalf of my wife, whose father had his business, his home, and everything but the clothes on his back confiscated by the communists, and knowing that Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by the Communist Party USA, please forgive me for not supporting your candidate.
    Kenny Jay, Kerrville, Texas

  3. I have been searching the Internet for a Denver area address of a Trump campaign office. CAN’T FIND A SIMPLE LIST. OF WHERE THEY ARE !!!! Why do you make it so difficult? I want to visit the office for campaign material BUT CANNOT FIND WHERE OFFICES ARE LOCATED BY ADDRESS!!! HELP US OUT!

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  5. Would love to start putting some support signs for Trump in my yard but can’t find an address? Where is office in Greenwood Village?

  6. Where can I find a Trump/Pence office in Denver or Douglas County????

    I want material and stickers for my cars.


  7. I work for Postal Service and i have seen them throw Trump mailers in the trash. They have a box called UBBM that stands for “Undeliverable Bulk business mail” Someone needs to get this to the press. I need this job but the campaign is spending money in a swing state and the postal service is throwing that money in the trash. Please Please someone needs to investigate and get this to the press . WE CAN’T LET HILLARY WIN OR WERE DONE.

  8. To everyone who asked for Trump office addresses: there are actually very few stand-alone offices in Colorado for the Trump campaign, as is the case with the Wheat Ridge office. To find a Trump campaign office, your best bet is to contact the local Republican party in your county; Trump’s campaign is basically sharing space with county GOP offices.

  9. I live in Erie, CO and everyday I drive thru the intersection of 95th & Arapahoe. This morning (10/14/16) I was thrilled to see a “Trump/Pence”, huge poster in an open lot sort of by the Chase Bank. As I was driving home this evening the poster has been vandalized and the Trump portion was cut out!!! Can someone replace it? I would make my day and drive much more enjoyable. Thank you and God Bless America!!!

  10. Hi, I need some assistance on how to vote in this election. My family is in the military and we move a lot. I registered as a voter in Colorado Springs and voted in 2012. This time, I would really love to vote in Colorado Springs for Trump but we are here in Alabama. Can anybody guide me on this proccess? I registered online last week but until now I still didn’t receive my mail ballot. Thanks in advance.

  11. I live in Colorado Springs and want to volunteer to work for the Trump 2020 campaign. I am retired and cannot support the campaign financially but woul love to give my time to help get Trump re-elected. I am registered Independent but have supported Trump, voted for Trump, and desperately want him to be able to continue his goals for our country. Please contact me by email or phone. Thanks in advance. I’m tired of watching Fox News and feeling so frustrated because I can’t help to any degree to help people see how patriotic our President truly is.

  12. I saw one today off of Speer Blvd Denver Co over between Grant and Downing St, on North side. Was driving but didn’t get exact street, by ConocoPhillips gas station.

  13. Northern Colorado Trump Victory Offices are located at:
    2619 west 11th street road #22
    Fort Collins
    1927 Wilmington Drive #201
    This is where you can get signs etc and sign up to volunteer for phones and door knocking and other great things to support our President Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  14. Where is the Trump Office in Monument CO or COS, CO so I can get some yard signs and bumper stickers ASAP!
    Thank you.
    Norma Koops..REPUBLICAN

  15. Are the GOP going to send information about the Colorado State ballot, amendments, proposition, which one’s to vote for???

  16. Will Morrison. You are the ignorant one! Trump has done nothing but good things for our country. He is an exceptional businessman and should continue running the country like a business. I am a VERY PROUD supporter of our awesome president!!!

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