Wiretap: Segregation’s grip, Hillary’s health, and will Trump backtrack on mass deportation?

Change of plans

There are rumors flying out there that Donald Trump is ready to do his biggest flip flop yet — on his immigration policy. Maybe he’ll apologize and say immigrants aren’t all rapists. Or that judges of Mexican descent could actually be fair. The biggest question in immigration policy has always been what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The Trump plan has been to deport them all and bring back, you know, the good ones. And now? Amid the rumors, newly installed campaign chairman Kellyanne Conway has told CNN that Trump’s deportation plan is “to be determined.” Via The Washington Post.

Not so fast

Not everyone is convinced. For example, take a read of Tom Tancredo’s latest take on immigrants, Trump and, yes, Mormons in Breitbart News, whose executive chairman is, of course, now the Trump campaign’s CEO.

Segregation’s trap

Despite the message in the Trumpian outreach to African-Americans, not all blacks are poor. But The New York Times reports that many affluent blacks are still trapped by segregation.

War on drugs

As the Obama years come to a close, the war on drugs takes a major detour. Via The New Yorker.

Clinton 2.0

Remember Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign? It was just about as big a mess as Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. But this year is much, much different. Does that mean Clinton has changed or just the people she has put in charge? Via Vox.

Strength and stamina

Ruth Marcus: The attacks on Clinton’s health are pretty sickening. Via The Washington Post.

Waiting on Wikileaks

Clinton’s comfortable lead in the polls doesn’t mean that Democrats are necessarily comforted, not so long as the chance of a Wikileaks October surprise remains in force. Via The National Review.


Can you be the leading talker on right-wing radio and also be a #neverTrumper? Charlie Sykes, the most influential conservative Wisconsin talk show host, is about to find out. Via Poliltico.

A new Rio

After the Olympics, Rio is altered, if not reborn. It may take some years to determine whether it was all worth the effort. Via The New York Times.

Birth of a controversy

Why the debate over Nate Parker — who directs and stars in the soon-to-be-released movie, The Birth of a Nation,  a drama based on the life of Nat Turner — is so complex. It involves race, gender, suicide and a 17-year-old sexual-assault case. Via The Atlantic.

Photo credit: Jeff Warren, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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