Mayor of Aspen to Trump upon visit: Wake up about climate change

Ken Lund

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is in Aspen today for a fundraiser. The town’s mayor, Steve Skadron, wants the candidate to learn something while he’s there.

“I’m hopeful that Mr. Trump’s visit to our cherished community will sensitize him to the reality of climate change and its impact on our community,” Skadron said. “The strength of our local economy is directly related to the health of our natural environment.”

Aspen, the mayor said in a statement, is a place that prides itself on welcoming everyone.

“While we respect a diversity of opinions and views, we are disheartened by the prejudice and anger that so often comes through Mr. Trump’s pronouncements,” Skadron said. “I sincerely hope he takes home some of our mountain values like respect of the natural environment, a constructive public-private sector balance, and a willingness to reach out and help your neighbor rather than vilify those who are different.”

Trump has dismissed climate change for different reasons.

Trump also said he would cancel last year’s Paris agreement on climate change.


Photo by Ken Lund via Creative Commons on Flickr.