TIMELINE: The long road to a dedicated fund for affordable housing

If you’ve paid attention to City Council, socialized with developers, or paid rent in Denver over the past year, you know that housing is a hot issue in the Mile High City. And as of last week, Denver has cemented its solution to the crisis, or at least the first step to it: a dedicated fund for affordable housing to the tune of $15 million per year.

The Colorado Independent has been there every step of the way, from announcement to Mayor Hancock’s signature. Here’s the whole saga:

In July, Mayor Michael Hancock makes his much-heralded announcement of the fund at his State of the City address.

Then the fund is put through the ringer by City Council’s Safety, Housing and Homeless Committee.

Despite intense debate, the fund ultimately receives unanimous approval from the committee, and is challenged by an alternative.

Next, Denver’s full council hears the fund, and it is approved unanimously, while the alternative barely passes.

Finally, the original fund passes 8-4.

Photo Credit: Allen Tian, The Colorado Independent