Wiretap: Ken Bone’s pants, Bill Clinton’s past and how Trump Tower became a lonely fortress

Uncivil war

The GOP civil war over Donald Trump is getting crazier by the day. In Colorado, we can match anyone’s crazy as Darryl Glenn, who disavowed Trump on Saturday, praised him on Monday and is looking for a way to re-endorse him as quickly as possible. In Washington, though, they’re playing a little rougher. Paul Ryan announced that he wouldn’t be working for Trump any more because he’d be spending his time protecting the GOP’s congressional majorities in case of a Hillary Clinton presidency. This did not go over too well with House hardliners who called those who backed away from Trump “cowards.” And so it goes, via the New York Times.

Trump, loser

The Washington Post reports from outside Trump’s rally Monday in Ambridge, Pennsylvania., that some of Trump’s most loyal followers, although certainly not all of them, believe it’s possible that Trump might lose.

Doubling down

From inside the rally, Yahoo reports that Trump said if rumored lewd tapes — yes, there may be more in the Trump archives — are released, then he will double-down on the Bill Clinton days. What Trump didn’t mention was that in 1998, he told Fox News that Clinton was a “victim” and that his attackers were “unattractive.” ABC News found the tape, in which Trump says, “They made Watergate out of what really should have been nothing.”

Party of one

How Trump Tower has turned into Trump’s lonely fortress. Via the New York Times.

Bitter pill

There have been many Trump takedowns written in this campaign season, but there are few that have been tougher than George F. Will’s most recent dismissal of The Donald. Will, of course, left the GOP over Trump. And now it seems he’s not too thrilled with Mike Pence, either. The headline leads the way: “Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy.” Via the Washington Post.

Locker room talk

Chris Kluwe does his own takedown in Vox: “Dear Mr. Trump, I played in the NFL. Here’s what we really talk about in the locker room.”

No takebacks

Trump has his defenders. The Weekly Standard wrote that Sen. Jeff Sessions said that grabbing a woman by the p***y (that’s how the Weekly Standard wrote it) wasn’t sexual assault. Sessions later sent a statement to AL.com, saying his quote had been “mischaracterized.”

Answer the question

In a debate, McCain defends his decision to disown Trump. Actually, the question was why it took him so long. Via the National Review.

Gross indifference

Trump and the Constitution: He’s not anti-Constitution. He’s basically indifferent to it. Via the Atlantic.

The Bone zone

Ken Bone, the man at the debate in the red sweater, gained internet fame by the seat of his pants. Via Politico.

Photo credit: Julian Boed, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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