Wiretap: Firebombs, death threats and Trump’s retaliation

Trump retaliates

In the final weeks of the presidential campaign, the unshackled Donald Trump has turned his matchup against Hillary Clinton into an act of retaliation, saying the polls are rigged, the news media are rigged, and the election will be rigged. Trump is Trump, but the man behind this version of Trump seems to be Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign CEO and Breitbart honcho. Via the Washington Post.

They don’t believe him

Republicans rebuke Trump’s claim of a rigged election. Well, a lot of them do anyway. Via the New York Times.

Blame game

A Republican campaign office was firebombed in North Carolina. In the least surprising response of the day, Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton” for the bombing. Via the Atlantic.

Glory days

Jon Meacham: Nostalgia for the grace of George H. W. Bush. Via the New York Times.


If you missed the Saturday Night Live skit that had Trump doing some late-night tweeting (although much earlier than 3 a.m.), here it is, via the Washington Post.

Shifting attitudes

Why we believe the Trump accusers but didn’t necessarily believe Bill Clinton’s: To quote the Nobel laureate, the times they are a-changin’. Via the Washington Post.

The devil you know

Doyle McManus: Maybe the strangest thing about the Wikileaks dump of tens of thousands of Clinton emails is the complete lack of bombshell material. The emails reveal, for the most part, the Clinton you already knew, for better and for worse. Via the Los Angeles Times.

State of the race

Three weeks from Election Day, Nate Silver explains the state of the presidential race because some one has to. Via fivethirtyeight.com.

Suburban woes

Come to Chester County, Pennsylvania, to understand why Trump is having such problems with voters in suburban America. Via Politico.

Death threats

If you’re in the news biz, or maybe even if you’re not,  this is a very moving statement from the Arizona Republic publisher on how to respond to death threats after endorsing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. It was the first time the paper had ever endorsed a Democrat for president. Via the Arizona Republic.

Photo credit: _Gavroche_, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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