Wiretap: As Trump whines about voter fraud, ISIS postpones the apocalypse

Casting doubt

Trump is calling for his supporters to monitor polling sites in — wink, wink — the inner cities. You know, the places where minorities live. But the question is whether it’s just so much talk. Via the New York Times.

Whine country

So now, it’s like a thing. Both Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly tell Donald Trump to stop whining about the election being rigged. Via New York magazine.

Silent treatment

Paul Ryan is answering the constant attacks from Trump in a style rarely seen from politicians: He’s not saying a thing. Via Politico.

Blame game

Elizabeth Warren goes all op-ed in the Washington Post, explaining how the rigged election is not a Trump invention. It’s all on the GOP.

Missed opportunity

Mark Salter, a John McCain adviser in his 2008 campaign, on what Trump could learn from McCain, but almost certainly won’t. Via Real Clear Politics.

By a landslide

Polls are split on Clinton. On one hand, she could win. On the other, she could win in a landslide. Via Vox.

We will survive

A conservative view on Hillary Clinton from the National Review: Conservatives shouldn’t worry. She couldn’t destroy America if she wanted to (and she probably doesn’t).

Under pressure

An environmentalist’s view of Hillary Clinton from the Nation: She’s no friend of the earth, but at least she can be pressured.

Do no harm

It’s not an issue you’re likely to hear discussed at the presidential debate, but it is the kind you can read about in the pages of The Atlantic: Could the world be a better place without the use of American military force?

Apocalypse now

ISIS, now losing ground in Iraq and Syria, is moving the goalposts. And resetting the apocalypse. Via the New York Times.

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