Wiretap: Trump gets booed, NFL ratings drop, Bob Dylan snubs Nobel (again)

Win bigly

Donald Trump follows on his debate performance by now saying he vows to accept the election results — if he wins. It’s a joke. Kind of. He then says he’ll accept results even if he loses, if the defeat is clear, giving Democrats a clear get-out-the-vote pitch — to win bigly. Via the New York Times.

Womb Raider

The thing about Trump’s charge that under current abortion law, you can “rip the baby out of the womb” on the last day of her pregnancy: Doctors say it never happens. Via the New York Times.

Try again

And the thing about Trump’s charge that Patton would roll over in his grave because Obama warned Mosul that an attack was coming: Generals say Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Via the New York Times.

Give her credit

It’s easy to dump on Trump. Ezra Klein takes on something more difficult: He explains just how good Hillary Clinton was in making Trump look bad in each of the debates and how hard it is to pull that off. Via Vox.

Losing the room

Trump gets booed at a charity dinner. Here are the jokes, good and bad, from Trump and Clinton. If you want to check them out yourself, there’s even video. Via the Washington Post.

Natural habitat

The New Yorker comes to Western Colorado to see the people who come to see Donald Trump at his rallies. It’s worth the read.

Donald, bored

An overlooked point from the Clinton-Trump debate: How little interest Trump seemed to show about the Supreme Court question. Via the Atlantic.

Dream on

Krauthammer on why he won’t vote for Clinton. He’s already explained why he won’t vote for Trump. He says he’d like to vote for Albert Schweitzer except for the facts that he’s dead and not a citizen. Via the National Review.

Do think twice

Bob Dylan subtly acknowledged his Nobel Prize, a week later, on his website— and now even that mention has disappeared.

Protest vote

As you may have heard, the NFL TV ratings are down significantly this year. The big question is why. One poll suggests the reason may be the National Anthem protests begun by Colin Kaepernick. Seriously. Via New York magazine.

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  1. I am tired of being squeezed by every single corporation who has a finger in the NFL pie…I am tired of having to make up for the Tax revenue that the NFL avoids…I am tired of the media, and the ads…As a lifelong fan of the NFL this was a real jolt to my system…I am surviving…And I feel fine…

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