Wiretap: Clinton’s Cubbie factor, Olbermann reinvented and the voices in Trump’s head

The Obama factor

As Clinton moves further ahead in the polls, it’s being called an “opportunity year” for Democrats up and down the ballot. And that includes statehouse races where Barack Obama, whose tenure has been a disaster for Democrats on the state level, is now helping out, including in Colorado. Via The New York Times.

$1 billion

How Clinton’s campaign got to a billion dollars: As you might have guessed, there are a lot of rich people involved. Via The Washington Post.

Why can’t we be friends?

Campaign 2016 seems to get uglier by the day. And now that Trump is on record saying he won’t commit to honoring the election results, the next big question is whether a post-election reconciliation is even possible. Via The New Yorker.

Trump’s Gettysburg Regress

Trump goes to the hallowed ground of Gettysburg, Pa., to pledge that he will sue the dozen or so women who have come forward to claim that he sexually assaulted them. Let’s just say it wasn’t the Gettysburg Address. Via Politico. At The National Review, Rich Lowry calls it the Gettysburg Regress.

Reimagining Trump (with all his marbles)

Not sure if The Wall Street Journal has unlocked this column yet for those without a subscription. But if you can read it, this is Peggy Noonan trying to imagine a sane Donald Trump, who, she says, would win a landslide. Of course a sane Donald Trump wouldn’t be Donald Trump

A “distant planet”

EJ Dionne: Why Trump is not like Gore and why 2016 is not like 2000. Via The Washington Post.

Olbermann reinvented (again)

If you haven’t heard, Keith Olbermann is back. Sort of. He’s doing something called The Closer for GQ’s online site, in which he eviscerates Donald Trump on a semi-regular basis. If you miss Olbermann and you don’t like Trump, this is must-watch, online TV. Via GQ.com.

Clinton’s Cubbie factor

Yes, the critical question as both the World Series and Election Day near, is Clinton a genuine raised-in-the-Chicago-burbs Cubs fans? And, if so, how does she explain that childhood attachment to Mickey Mantle and that grown-up affiliation with the Yankees? As usual with Clinton, it’s complicated. Via The New York Times.

The voices in their heads

Alex Jones, the conspiracy-shouting voice in Donald Trump’s head – and how he got there. Via The Austin American-Statesman. Why Trump and his supporters are so susceptible to conspiracy theories. Via The New Republic.


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