Wiretap: Clinton’s problems go beyond the 11th hour email announcement

Bigger fish to fry

Hillary Clinton is facing issues other than the FBI’s 11th-hour announcement concerning her emails. The biggest one could be a problem in several close swing states — that African-American turnout seems to be well below that of the Obama years. Via the New York Times.

Going rogue

The FBI followed precedent by backing off on two investigations during the summer — one of Trump’s Russia issue and the other involving the Clinton Foundation — because they were deemed to be too explosive so close to an election. So why did James Comey go rogue? Via the New York Times.

Gearing up

At the National Review, they’re gearing up for that Clinton Foundation investigation if/when Clinton takes office.

Stranger than fiction

At Vox, they say you can forget about all the crazy Trump-as-Russian-mole conspiracies. The real stuff is bad enough.

It gets crazier

Speaking of conspiracies, Dana Milbank takes a look at the alt-right craziness of Bill Clinton’s 30-year-old African-American love child. Via the Washington Post.

Long shots

New York magazine points out that however Trump does the Electoral College math, he still comes up at least three votes short. Which is why, as the Los Angeles Times notes, he’s playing for long shots, like, yes, Colorado.

Apples and oranges

From the Atlantic: Let’s get one thing straight: Clinton and Trump may both have problems, but they’re in no way comparable. You’ve read this story before, but maybe not with as much evidence as this one provides.

Talkin’ bout a revolution

Somebody get a judge: The Bundy family is already talking revolution again. Via the Washington Post.

Enjoy it now…

And we’ll end with this: For those who believe that nothing could ever be worse than this political season, the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza has some bad news for you. He writes that 2017 will almost certainly be worse than 2016.


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