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The damage Comey can’t undo

James Comey writes again. In his latest letter to Congress, he says the latest batch of Clinton emails don’t change anything. In other words, the new emails are not bigger than Watergate and, whatever Trump says, Clinton won’t be locked up. But by this point, writes Amy Davidson in The New Yorker, “nothing can undo what has been said, done, alleged, insinuated, and all but shrieked in the period since his first letter was sent.”


FBI probe leaves both parties feeling burned

The latest FBI investigation yields only criticism for the FBI, via The Washington Post.


The field game, at altitude

In Colorado, there is a distinct difference between Democratic and Republican strategies. David Weigel writes in The Washington Post that Republicans are counting on voters to come home. Democrats are simply counting voters.


Team Reid may be Clinton’s jackpot

How Harry Reid and the Reid machine may have killed Trump’s chances in Nevada and, thus, in the country. Via Politico.


Neediness and vulnerability on the campaign trail

The New York Times goes inside the final days of the Trump campaign and finds a candidate in constant need of reassurance and who wishes his campaign aides would just let him tweet.


Trump, Twitter and the nuclear code

Obama says what many people are thinking about Trump’s aides taking his Twitter account away. Via Vox.


“It’s no fun getting old.”

In Clinton v. Trump, we probably are seeing the Baby Boomers’ final act. Via The New York Times.


 1861 Redux

History repeats as farce, then as 2016. We have been more divided before, like, say, in 1861. Via The Wall Street Journal.


What an election overtime might look like

If the election is close on Tuesday night, you can expect to hear the phrase “margin of litigation” late into the night – and then wait for the lawsuits to follow. Via The National Review.


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