Wiretap: Steve Bannon, #NotMyPresident and the environment under Trump

Act Two

Trump’s presidency will be just like his campaign. You don’t need to read the tea leaves on Reince Priebus (Trump’s nod to the establishment?) or Steve Bannon (Trump’s nod to the alt-right?). You just need to read what Trump said when asked whether he regrets his rhetoric during the campaign. “No,” he said, “I won.” And now that he’s won, the people he’s appointing to the top positions in government are the same people who led his campaign.

Most dangerous

This 2015 profile of Bannon by Joshua Green is a must read. Via Bloomberg.

Not a Nazi, but…

From the right: Writing in the National Review, Ian Tuttle says, “No, Steve Bannon is not Josef Goebbels. But he has provided a forum for people who spend their days photoshopping pictures of conservatives into ovens.”

The aftermath

Donald Trump and the aftermath: The New Yorker publishes views from 16 writers on Trump’s America.

She doth protest

Petula Dvorak on the anti-Trump protests:  Saying #notmypresident is the same as saying #notmydemocracy. Via the Washington Post.

Nothing to smile about

Milbank on Obama: Why on earth is this man smiling? Via the Washington Post.

How Trump won

Elizabeth Drew on how Trump won: No way anyone thought it could happen. So it wouldn’t. But it did. Via the New York Review of Books.

Unthinkable damage

People wildly underestimate the damage that a Trump administration is likely to do the environment. The list of possibilities is long and, to every green group, terrifying. Via Vox.

Balancing act

Gwen Iffill, who died Monday at age 61, in a 2009 interview on how journalistic neutrality doesn’t have to be boring. Via Mother Jones.

Photo credit: Matt B, Creative Commons, Flickr 


  1. Not me. I expect a hate filled, despotic, misogynistic, racist Trump Tenure. I expect him to do what he said he’d do. I expect street fighting in America in the next two years.
    Keith Campbell,

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