Wiretap: Trump goes all in on Islamophobia, GOP forgets conservatives and Democrats have a gushing head wound

Going all in

Donald Trump goes all in on Islamophobia by offering General Michael Flynn the job of National Security Adviser.  It’s the same General Flynn who thinks Sharia law is spreading throughout the United States (it’s not) and who led chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. Via the New York Times.

Monkey see

Flynn is the one general Trump could find who loves Russia nearly as much as the boss does. Via Vox.

New foe

In Donald Trump’s America, is California the new Texas? Texas was Barack Obama’s longtime antagonist. California could play the same role for Trump. Via the Los Angeles Times.

Unclog the drain

If Trump wants to drain the swamp, must Rudy Giuliani’s dream of being Secretary of State go down with it? Via the New Yorker.

Could be worse

Yes, Trump’s transition is rocky. And, yes, Bill Clinton’s transition was far worse. Via the New Republic.

Where credit is due

Trump takes credit for stopping Ford from moving a plant from Kentucky to Mexico. One problem, there was never a plant moving to Mexico. Via the Washington Post.

City mouse, country mouse

Ron Brownstein: The real divide that the Trump-Clinton election exposed was the rural-urban divide. Not since 1920, Brownstein writes, has that particular divide so shaped the American political culture. Via the Atlantic.

Forget something?

From the National Review, the new GOP coalition seems to have left out conservatives from the mix.

Or for worse

David Remnick on Obama and Trump: Anything is, indeed, possible in America. It’s America’s greatest promise, Remnick writes, and its gravest peril. Via the New Yorker.


Michael Gerson on the election: Republicans have heart disease. Democrats have an ugly, gushing head wound. Via the Washington Post.

Deep divides

Jewish groups divided on what to do or say about Trump’s embrace of Steve Bannon. Via the Washington Post.


Photo credit: MilitaryHealth, Creative Commons, Flickr