Wiretap: Trump supporters hold out hope that he’ll still “lock her up”

Broken promises

Donald Trump says he’s not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton, as if that’s what presidents routinely do. It was just one of many Trump campaign promises that have already gone by the wayside. Via the Washington Post.

Holding out hope

At the National Review, they’re hoping Trump will change his mind and still find a way to lock her up.

On the record

Trump talks to the New York Times on the record one day after talking to TV execs and anchors off the record. But it was a near thing, just as you might expect.


The Trump/Times interview just the way you always wanted to read it: as a series of Tweets.

Getting it right

Margaret Sullivan: What TV journalists did wrong and the New York Times did right when it came to the president-elect. Via the Washington Post.

At the ready

Trump has his man if he’s truly looking for an immigration hard-liner. All he has to do is ask. Via the New Yorker.


Can anything — meaning beyond his words and deeds — actually stop Jeff Sessions from being confirmed as attorney general? (Short answer: Probably not.) Via Slate.

Really, Bernie?

When Bernie Sanders says it’s time to get beyond identity politics, does he really mean it’s time to get beyond identity politics? Via the New Republic.

Airing of the grievances

Thanksgiving has always been a time for the great gatherings of families, meaning, of course, the opportunity to rehash all those long-simmering family grievances. And, of course, this Thanksgiving there’s also Donald Trump. So enjoy. Via the Atlantic.

Photo credit: Aaron Vowels, Creative Commons, Flickr


  1. Maybe he can design a new jail next to the govt owned trump post office. and when he has been convicted of treason colluding with the Russians he can spend the rest of his sorry life in a prison he designed. the family can live next door at the govt owned post office.

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