Wiretap: Gutting the Ethics Office, repealing ObamaCare and what Trump knows that “other people didn’t”

Hit the ground running

And so it begins. Even before the new session of Congress opens, the House GOP votes to gut the Independent Ethics Office — with no warning and over the opposition of Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Via the New York Times.

Repeal and delay

Two things are certain about the GOP approach to repealing Obamacare: They want to do it quickly. And they can’t do it quickly. Democrats are calling the Republican strategy “repeal and delay.” Jonathan Chait predicts the delay part may last approximately forever. Via New York magazine.

The Price of personhood

Health Secretary nominee Tom Price is not only a leading proponent of dismantling Obamacare, he is also a strident opponent of abortion. Back in 2005, he was one of many co-sponsors of a House federal personhood bill. For those keeping score at home, other co-sponsors were Colorado’s Tancredo, Beauprez and Musgrave. Via the New York Times.

Something fishy

It’s not only Donald Trump who has concerns about the CIA’s certainty that Russians hacked the Democrats. Matt Tabbai of Rolling Stone is worried that something about this whole thing “stinks.”

Clock’s ticking

Remember when Trump said he knew “things that other people didn’t know” about the hacking allegations against the Russians and that he would reveal them on Tuesday or Wednesday? Well, today is Tuesday. Via Politico.

Land grab

From the National Review, Republicans plan to reverse what they’re calling Obama’s million-plus-acre “land grab” and what Obama calls “national monuments.”

Call it a mandate

An unpopular president. An unpopular program. Republicans call it a mandate. Via the Washington Post.

Calling him out

Greg Sargent: Yes, Trump lies. He lies a lot. The question is whether the media will call him on it when he does. What we’re hearing from the Wall Street Journal is not exactly heartening. Via the Washington Post.

Ticket to ride

New York’s brand new subway line is the most expensive in the world. And that’s a problem. Why do other countries build subways for so much less money? Via Vox.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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