Wiretap: Climate change kills kids, Trump meets the press and Meryl Streep wins the internet

This is the week that president-elect Donald Trump finally meets the press — with a news conference scheduled for Wednesday — and a slew of cabinet nominees, fully vetted or not, meet the Senate. Don’t worry. There will still be live-tweeting. Via the Washington Post.

Newest identity group

It’s pretty clear that the white working class put Trump into the White House. What’s less clear is what this new identity group wants in return. Via the Boston Globe.

Better than what?

Obama says the path to repealing and replacing Obamacare should be easy enough. He tells Vox in an online video interview that if Republicans put up a “demonstrably better” plan, he’ll support it.

At least someone has a plan

From the National Review, what the conservative strategy should be in repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Real Americans really in trouble

E.J. Dionne: Republicans says they don’t want to hurt “real America,” but by repealing Obamacare, that’s exactly what they’d do. Via the Washington Post.

Man the bicoastal barricades

The political resistance to the incoming Trump administration will be headquartered in those most powerful bluest of blue states, California and New York. Via Politico.

If the president goes nuts?

This isn’t about Trump necessarily, Jeffrey Frank assures us, but it seems like a good time to ask what would happen if a president suddenly became, well, deranged. Via the New Yorker.

Still in denial

Columnist Nicholas Kristof says Donald Trump denies climate change while these kids die from it. He goes to Madagascar to tell their story. Via the New York Times.

Winning the Globes — and the internet

“La La Land” may have won the most Golden Globes, but it was Meryl Streep’s speech ripping Trump, without ever mentioning his name, that won the internet. Via the Los Angeles Times.

Photo credit: Rod Waddington, Creative Commons, Flickr 


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