Wiretap: Chelsea Manning wins clemency; Trump bares his fangs; DeVos gets slammed

Obama’s last clemency push includes Chelsea Manning. It’s fair to say that the move was controversial. Via The Atlantic. In some corners, it was extremely controversial. Via The National Review.

Joe Biden, looking backward and forward: “I wish to hell I’d just kept saying the exact same thing.” Via The New York Times.

If you thought Donald Trump was going to defer to Hill Republicans on policy, don’t feel bad. So did Paul Ryan. Now he’s not so sure. Via Politico.

Trump has bared his fangs to Angela Merkel. The Guardian writes that this will do untold damage to Europe.

Depending on your point of view, Betsy DeVos is either a bold education reformer or clearly unfit to be secretary of education. Via The Washington Post.

Watch: Bernie Sanders asks DeVos the $200 million question. Via Vox.

Milbank: Reporters have been working from the White House for over 100 years. Is Donald Trump ready to end that tradition? (Hint: It sure looks that way.) Via The Washington Post.

Jack Shafer: Trump is making journalism great again. No, really. Via Politico.

Lonnie Ali: What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali had in common besides a street corner in Louisville, Kentucky. Via The New York Times.

Philip K. Dick’s vision for resisting fascism in America. And why it matters today. Via The New Yorker.

Photo by smuconlaw via Flickr: Creative Commons


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