Wiretap: Donald Trump’s a waterbeetle, Nikki Haley is not; love (and hate) letters to Obama

Jonathan Chait makes a critical point on the presidential transition from Obama to Trump: Trump is the legacy of anti-Obamaism, not of Obama. Via New York magazine.

The emerging, and pointed, Democratic resistance in the U.S. Senate is as near as your TV set and the next confirmation hearing. Just watch Warren, Sanders, Kaine, Franken, Booker et al. Via The New Yorker.

There’s a national security hole in the heart of the Trump administration political appointments. Via Foreign Policy.

From The National Review: If perplexed Americans want to know what’s going on in the intra-party Republican debate on healthcare, here’s a guide. A warning: The trip won’t be easy.

Tom Price, Trump’s pick for health secretary, testifies to many lofty goals in replacing Obamacare, but with almost no details on what a replacement plan might actually look like. Via The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley, Trump’s pick for United Nations ambassador, doesn’t sound anything like Donald Trump. Via Vox.

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, the former George W. Bush speechwriter, offers Donald Trump the inaugural speech he should give if he’s truly interested in uniting the country.

George Will on Donald Trump: He’s the waterbeetle of American politics. You’ll have to read the column if you want to know what that means. Via The Washington Post.

A must-read story from The New York Times magazine: Letters to Obama, with love, hate and desperation.

Photo by Dan DeLuca via Flickr: Creative Commons