Wiretap: Women’s marches reached 3 million, or maybe you have your own alternative facts


So, it’s pretty much agreed that Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a semi-disastrous start. It’s not just the huge women’s protest march. Or Trump’s obsession with crowd size. Or Trump’s lies to the CIA. Or Trump’s press secretary’s lies to the press. Or Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” explanation. It’s all that and more. Via The New York Times.

So how big was it? Political scientists – including one from DU — estimate the total crowd at the many women’s marches across the country to have been 3.3 million. That means it might well have been the biggest protest in American history. Via Vox.

The radical possibility of Saturday’s marches featuring a broad alignment of middle-class white women with every other group that feels under threat from a Trump administration. Via The New Yorker.

The New York Times has collected pictures of women’s marches from around the world, from Washington to Denver to Budapest to Gulfport, Miss.

Joan Vennochi: By galvinizing women, Trump (inadvertently) succeeded where Hillary Clinton failed. Via The Boston Globe.

Alternative facts: Why did the Trump’s administration begin with such needless lies? If they stoop to lying about crowd size, what can we expect them to lie about next? Via The Atlantic.

The perfect meme for the alternative facts era: #SeanSpicerSays. Via The Washington Post.

Margaret Sullivan: The traditional way of reporting on the president is dead. Trump’s press secretary killed it. Via The Washington Post.

We have long been in the era of the permanent campaign. But as Doyle McManus writes in The Los Angeles Times, the permanent campaign is not the same as the constant campaign.

Is this how to make America great again — by dismanting Obamacare and going back to high-risk insurance pools? Via The New York Times.


Photo by Liz Lemon for Creative Commons on Flickr.


  1. “So, it’s pretty much agreed that Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a semi-disastrous start.”

    Speaking of alternative facts!

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