Wiretap: Conservatives choosing to back Trump is like “hitching a ride with a drunk driver”

You’re not likely to read a better piece on Donald Trump and his war on both the media and the truth than this from conservative Wall Street Journal foreign affairs columnist Bret Stephens. In a speech honoring the legacy of Danny Pearl, Stephens says those conservatives who think supporting Trump is the pragmatic road to take are “hitching a ride with a drunk driver.” Via Time.

John McCain on Meet the Press: Suppressing the press “is how dictators get started.” Still waiting for Trump’s tweeted reply.

While Trump’s war on the media continues, the failing New York Times is reporting that a group of Trump associates is pushing a back-channel plan to resolve the Russian-Ukraine conflict. The plan was delivered in a sealed envelope to Michael Flynn in the days before he was dumped as national security adviser. No one knows what Trump might think of the plan, but you can guess which country (not Ukraine) comes out ahead.

One of the Trump “associates” went to a prison for a couple of years, The Washington Post wrote, for stabbing a man in the face with the stem of a margarita glass.

This is what fake news looks like: Trump citing a nonexistent terror attack in Sweden based on a fake-news-interview he saw on Fox News. Via The Guardian.

A chilling moment to mark the 75th anniversary of the executive order that led to Japanese-American internment. Via The Los Angeles Times.

The British oddsmakers are already taking bets on whether Trump will last one full term. Meanwhile, Nicholas Kristof asks what can be done to be rid of Trump. You already know the answer: probably nothing. Via The New York Times.

The Washington Post goes all in on a sympathetic, in-depth profile of Neil Gorsuch. The main takeaway is that Gorsuch is “surprising,” meaning not as predictable as a Scalia acolyte might seem to be.

How does Facebook fit into Mark Zuckerberg’s theory of human history? Via Vox.

From The National Review: The president Trump most resembles may be LBJ, except that Johnson actually got things done.

Why the anti-vaxxers are winning and what can be done,  short of a measles outbreak, to stop them. Via The New York Times.

Photo by Jorge Van Nande via Flickr: Creative Commons 


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