Wiretap: The Cory Gardner town hall that didn’t include Cory Gardner (he declined)

Cory Gardner, April 2015

The New Yorker goes to Fort Collins to see a town hall. The only thing missing — and I’ll bet you’re ahead of me here – was the invited senator, Cory Gardner, who turned down this town hall invitation and has also turned down all the others. They held the empty-chair event anyway, and there’s another one coming up Friday in Denver at Byers Middle School.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton did have a town hall, and much of the video has gone viral, including a heartbreaking question about Obamacare from a woman who says her husband is dying. Via Vox.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions just made life harder for transgender students by rolling back the Obama-era public school bathroom protections. Here’s the kicker: Betsy DeVos, the controversial education secretary, tried to stop them. Via Mother Jones.

The new Trumpian rules on immigration and deportation are out, and many immigrants are responding by going into hiding. Via The New York Times.

Gen. McMaster, Trump’s new national security adviser, is likely to reorganize Trump’s foreign policy team once again. This time, what happens to Steve Bannon? Sean Spicer says it’s up to the president. Via The New York Times.

Dana Milbank: As anti-Semitism is on the rise, Pence is presidential and Trump is Trump. Via The Washington Post.

Trump is losing so much that he’s now even losing to the media. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, people trust the press more than Trump by a 52-37 margin.

From The National Review: Fourth Circuit ruling upholding Maryland’s law to ban certain assault weapons runs roughshod over Heller and the Second Amendment.

Ross Douthat: The meaning of Milo, and why conservatives at CPAC felt they had to draw the line at pederasty. Via The New York Times.

The Atlantic, 157 years old, goes where it’s never gone before. Michael K. Williams (aka Omar Little) asks and answers the question of whether he’s being typecast. It’s a video you ought to watch. You feel me?

Photo credit: National Renewable Energy Lab, Creative Commons, Flickr


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