Wiretap: The growing chances that Trumpcare will turn into a Trumpian-sized debacle

The question now isn’t simply whether the Obamacare-replacement bill can survive. It’s what the chances are that the whole thing will turn into a Trumpian-sized debacle. In the latest, the AMA is opposed, the AARP is opposed, the biggest coalition of hospitals (who don’t seen to use initials) is opposed. Donald Trump is trying to calm unhappy House conservatives. And meanwhile, Sen. Marco Rubio says that if they try to fast-track the bill through the Senate, there won’t be enough votes to pass it. Via The New York Times.

Republicans know that the problem with their bill is not how the CBO scores it. The problem with their bill is the bill. Via Vox.

Ross Douthat: Why Republicans can’t do healthcare (and why Donald Trump may be Jimmy Carter). Via The New York Times.

In Mosul, desperate families have to dodge bullets for a chance to find safety. Via The Los Angeles Times.

It looks as if the CIA leaks didn’t make their way to WikiLeaks from, say, the Russians, but more likely from a disaffected insider. The FBI is investigating and the CIA is scrambling. Via The New York Times.

Dana Milbank: For the Trump administration, every day is like a day without women. You could look it up. Via The Washington Post.

A dispatch from the front: “We have to show the value women bring to the workplace.” Via The Atlantic.

From The National Review: Making the case that we already knew what a day without women would look like. What’s harder to figure out is who they think they’re striking against.

How long will the Trump bull market last? Here’s the easiest guess: not forever. Via The New Yorker.

Peter Beinart: I support boycotting settlements. Should I be banned from Israel? Via Forward.

Photo of by Clive via Flickr: Creative Commons. Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross


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