Wiretap: Now we’ve seen two pages of Trump’s 2005 taxes, but what did we learn?

Rachel Maddow’s show gets the scoop by revealing Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns, or two pages of them anyway. And the story? Trump used a huge writeoff to save millions on taxes, but still paid $38 million that year. Most of that money was paid as “alternative minimum tax,” a tax Trump wants to abolish. Nothing on Russians or on Trump holdings or on any conflict of interest. In other words, a big scoop but not that big a reveal. Via The New York Times.

After seeing the tax returns, we have no better idea what information Trump might be hiding by refusing to release the rest of his taxes. Via Vox.

From The National Review: Rachel Maddow wasted everyone’s time.

Trump loyalists are urging the president to dump RyanCare. Some of them are calling Paul Ryan’s health care bill a “trap.” Via The Washington Post.

Does Trump have a way out of the political jam that the CBO report on Trump/RyanCare has put him in? Not the way it looks so far. Via The New Yorker. But whatever happens, Breitbart News is having a great time attacking and tormenting Paul Ryan. Via Politico.

Dana Milbank: The GOP masterminds who are behind the Obamacare “death spiral” and how they’ve done everything possible to undermine the law. Via The Washington Post.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is headed to Asia on a diplomatic tour. The question now is whether anyone in the White House cares if he ever comes back. Via Financial Times.

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball on Washington’s Russian-spy paranoia. Or, welcome to Washington. You’re not in Kansas anymore.

The New York Times digs into the web of ties that bind Neil Gorsuch and Phil Anschutz, who played a key role in getting Gorsuch his federal judgeship.

Nick Ut, the legendary AP photographer whose photo of the “Napalm Girl” helped change the course of the Vietnam War, is retiring. Via The Associated Press.

Photo by 401(K) 2012 via Flickr:Creative Commons


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