Wiretap: It was all over for Bill O’Reilly when morality and money came to a head

Why was Bill O’Reilly, who has been, by all reports, a serial harasser for many years, finally fired by Fox? Megan Garber writes in The Atlantic that O’Reilly was done in by daily protests, mass defections of advertisers and what inevitably happens when morality and money come to a head.

Margaret Sullivan: The lesson that working women can take from the downfall of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly is that it pays to be brave. Via The Washington Post.

Now that we know what happened with Bill O’Reilly, the next question is what happens to Fox News’s audience. Via The New York Times.

Frank Rich: A Jon Ossoff victory wouldn’t have saved the Democratic Party, which needs to find a whole new generation to move past the Obama era. Via New York magazine.

The spotlight now moves to Montana where a longshot Democrat is looking for an upset in a special House election. The Democrats will go all in, regardless of the odds, because the party’s base demands it. Via The New York Times.

Two takes on Shattered, the surprise bestseller on the Hillary Clinton campaign. From The National Review, the campaign was far more dysfunctional than anyone knew. And from The New Republic, yes, Clinton ran a horrible campaign, but that’s not the lesson Democrats need to learn from the 2016 disaster.

What really happened with the wrong-way phantom armada that wasn’t actually heading toward North Korea? Were we being misled or did Trump just not know what he was saying? Via The New Yorker.

Federal officials say the Dreamer who claims he was deported wasn’t really deported, and even if he had been deported, it doesn’t mean that there’s any change in policy. Or something. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Liberal college students are abandoning freedom of speech, writes a self-described liberal University of Pennsylvania professor. A mob, he writes, is still a mob, whatever its intent. Via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Image via futureatlas.com via Flickr: Creative Commons