Wiretap: Donald Trump’s tax plan would help corporations — and it would help Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s tax plan, set to be revealed today, significantly cuts tax rates for corporations and also for businesses just like Trump’s. What the plan doesn’t include, according to The New York Times, is Paul Ryan’s border adjustment tax, which would have raised revenues to offset the tax cuts.

The White House has reached an agreement with the conservative House Freedom Caucus on an even more conservative healthcare plan. But it remains unclear whether that means there are enough votes to get the plan through the House, much less the Senate. Via The Washington Post.

Once again, writes The New York Times, Trump’s own words have led to a judge ruling against the president — this time on the executive order to withhold funding from so-called sanctuary cities. Here’s The National Review’s take on the judge’s ruling: A mostly meaningless ruling on a mostly meaningless executive order.

The real lesson in Trump’s decision to back down from the government shutdown showdown with Congress on the border wall may be as simple as this: He’s just not a very good negotiator. Via The New Yorker.

Why is Trump starting a trade war with Canada? The question is easier to answer than you might think. Because it’s a trade war he can win. Via Politico.

Trump’s “America First” policy could well mean an end to foreign aid as we know it. The proposed budget, writes Foreign Policy, would direct funds that are traditionally assigned to development assistance going instead to national security.

Ann Coulter is headed to UC-Berkeley whether, she says, she is invited or not. And when she gets there, she may be speaking at Sproul Plaza, home of the Free Speech Movement in the 1960s. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Barack Obama has accepted a $400,000 Wall Street speaking gig, which Matt Yglesias writes in Vox, would make him just one more politician cashing in. Is that really what Obama wants to be in his post-presidency? Yglesias says Obama should give the money to a good cause.

Breitbart News is unable convince a press committee to give the conservative news site permanent credentials to cover Congress. It seems the denial may have something to do with Breitbart’s connection to, yes, Steve Bannon. Via The Atlantic.

The problem with the march for science, says one scientist, is that most pro-science supporters don’t really know what they’re supporting. Via Slate.

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