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Everyone hates how Colorado funds its schools. So who is going to fix it?


  1. You would think. But remember that TABOR restricts revenue.

    And do know that marijuana tax income goes primarily to rural schools, so school districts like Denver and Jeffco and Cherry Creek and Littleton and such, receive none of that money.

    Schools are broke. They can’t attract new teachers, which is exacerbate taking the state wide teacher shortage. Besides, who wants to go into teaching, when it’s so demonized.

    Teachers can barely afford to live, let alone buy a house, let alone rent a house in the likes of Denver.

    Come on Colorado Fund your schools and pay your teachers!

  2. Fin:

    Please remember the 40 m from the pot taxes goes to fix school buildings and most of those who need to be fixed are in the rural parts of the state. Many of these have low property values.

    Cherry Creek where we have lived for 29 years is one of the best funded in the state so they hardly need the money like others do. They also just passed another mill increase as they plead poverty every few years.

  3. Don’t Cherry Creek residents vote on mill levy increases? Maybe students don’t become teachers because of the negative school environments? Teachers married to teachers sure survive nicely! Demonized? Teachers shouldn’t be intimate with their students. They should set good examples. A big improvement in the economy should reflect more money thru mill levies for schools.


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