Wiretap: Lining up on the side of Paris climate accord: Liberals, Europeans and big bidness

This is something you probably never expected to hear, but it’s not just liberals and Europeans who are pushing Donald Trump to stick with the Paris climate change accord. It’s also big business, and that includes big oil business, that is intensely lobbying him to keep America in line with the other 194 countries that have signed on. Via CNN Money.

Two takes from The Atlantic on what Trump accomplished on his foreign trip. Conservative scholar Elliot Cohen says aside from some firm handshakes and awkward sword dances, not much. Conservative writer David Frum says the trip was a catastrophe for U.S.-Europe relations.

Trump may have caused a rift with Europe but it was Angela Merkel’s speech exposing the rift that was the real blunder with its risks of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Via Financial Times. And yet, in Germany, even Merkel’s political rivals rush to her side when it comes to criticism from Trump. Via The Washington Post.

From The National Review: Think of it this way, would Jared Kushner be a key adviser to any president who wasn’t his father-in-law?

Matt Taibbi: The lesson of Montana and Greg Gianforte is that many people would rather vote for a clearly deranged Republican than a Democrat. Isn’t it time that the Democrats started noticing? Via Rolling Stone.

Why does Trump’s latest travel ban keep getting slammed in federal court? Maybe because, as one judge put it, it “drips with intolerance.” Via The New Yorker.

What’s less popular just now in the political world than Donald Trump? Just about anything Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have touched. You could look it up. Via New York magazine.

The world that Trump and Ailes created: A political world and media world vastly different from the ones they were born into. Via The New Yorker.

You might be confused as to how a bipartisan bill on hearing aids could possibly turn into a debate about guns. But it’s actually a no-brainer once you take into account that Elizabeth Warren is one of the bill’s authors. Via The Boston Globe.

Sports Illustrated writers on the great, unequaled Frank Deford: As Steve Rushin wrote of finally meeting his journalistic hero, he was a writer you could only aspire to see, not to be.

The death and life of John Shields, who, facing death from a rare and incurable disease, chose his own time to die but not before celebrating that life with a wake at which he was the guest of honor. Via The New York Times.

Photo by Christopher Michel, via Flickr: Creative Commons

He has covered Dr. J, four presidential inaugurations, six national conventions and countless brain-numbing speeches in the New Hampshire and Iowa snow.


  1. Some people just can’t take a hint. After being rejected by her own party in 2008 and the rest of the country eight years later could Hillary Clinton (who will be 73-years-old in 2020) possibly be considering another run for the White House? Don’t ask Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Via Townhall.com


    Planning for a wall along the border with Mexico continues and money is available. Via The Washington Examiner.


    It’s trial by innuendo. Neither General Flynn nor anyone in President Trump’s administration has been charged with a crime but that fact matters little to a Trump-hating mainstream media. Via Bloomberg.com


    Now that Montana Republican Greg Gianforte has won a red state Congressional seat Democrats next best opportunity to generate hope into their totally demoralized party comes next month in Georgia. If Democrat Jon Ossoff fails to win the Democrat’s money spigot may turn off. Via politico.com


    After Democrat’s second straight Congressional loss in Montana and failure to win a runoff in Georgia Democrats appear to be in total disarray. Via lifezette.com



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