Wiretap: Many of the “bad hombres” facing deportation turn out to be good mothers

The “bad hombres” that Trump promised to deport during his presidential campaign have often instead been good mothers, whose deportation would break families apart. The New Yorker profiles four such women facing deportation who have no criminal record and who either care for young children or who have been their family’s primary breadwinner or both.

Nine are dead and 20 others in “severe” or critical condition as at least 39 people were discovered in a sweltering-hot tractor trailer parked outside a Walmart in San Antonio. Authorities suspect it was part of an immigrant smuggling operation gone tragically wrong. Via The New York Times.

In the midst of the big communications shakeup in TrumpWorld comes another big Washington Post scoop: this one showing that despite his denials, Jeff Sessions did, in fact, discuss campaign-related matters with the Russian ambassador. The revelations comes almost immediately after Trump told The New York Times that he regretted hiring Sessions.

From The National Review, The Mooch says that if the White House leaking continues that he’s “going to fire everybody.” In other words, it looks like Sean Spicer won’t be the last to go.

The leaks about why Sean Spicer felt the need to resign after the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci to be his new boss may be absurd, but they’re also revealing. Via Vox.

Republicans don’t know which healthcare bill they might be voting on or whether they have enough votes to pass any healthcare bill, but it looks as if Mitch McConnell is determined to make his party vote on something. Is this Cory Gardner’s worst nightmare? Via The Washington Post.

Remember Trump’s promise of a $1 trillion infrastructure program? If you do, you might be the only one. On the list of Trump’s much-stalled domestic program, it looks like infrastucture is back there near the end of the line, behind just about everything else. Via The New York Times.

Doyle McManus: That constitutional crisis people keep talking about? It would begin if Trump were to try to fire Robert Mueller. To get to Mueller, he’d have to get to deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. And if Trump had to fire Rosenstein first, it could be another Saturday Night Massacre. Via The Los Angeles Times.

E.J. Dionne: The Trump election commission was formed for no other reason than to give credence to a Trump lie about illegal voting. But the fact is that the commission serves a far more dangerous purpose, which is to keep people from voting. Via The Washington Post.

Byron York: If the Democrats own the enthusiasm lead as we head toward 2018, why is that Republicans are kicking some serious Democratic butt in fundraising? Via The Washington Examiner.

Steven W. Thrasher: The Democrats’ performance as an opposition party in the age of Trump has been, in a word, pathetic. Via The Guardian.

Photo by Jonathan McIntosh, via Flickr: Creative Commons. Mexican side of the border in Nogales, Arizona


  1. The New York Times has published an essay (“Was that racist?”) by one of its black reporters accusing white women in New York City of racism for failing to cede space on city sidewalks to black men.


    Bankrupt in more ways than one. The FEC reports that as of June 30th the Democratic National Committee is $3.3 million in debt. Maybe they could auction off “Hillary in 2016” buttons. Via The Gateway Pundit.


    Democrats appear to be making another $1 billion dollar mistake by not devoting enough funds to mobilize the African-American vote. Via The New York Times.


    Is the hyperbole generated by the so-called “resistance” to President Trump in danger of becoming the boy who cried wolf? In a word, yes. Via The Week.


    In an appearance on CNN Paul Begala, a Clinton ally, suggested the US bomb Russia because of alleged Russian interference in last year’s presidential election. Via Mediate.com.


    As Democrats struggle to find a message Time’s Jesse Ferguson believes Democrats should emphasize authenticity over ideology. Via Time


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