Wiretap: Here comes the Trump pivot as he now turns to keeping legal immigrants out

Donald Trump wants to build a new wall, this time to keep the legal immigrants out. It’s a metaphorical wall this go-round. And, in any case, the Senate bill Trump is backing — which would cut legal immigration in half and favor immigrants who can speak English — will probably never pass. But that’s not the point really. The point is that Trump wants to remind the base that he’s really, really anti-immigrant, especially when it comes to poor immigrants who have American relatives. Via The New York Times.

If you missed the Stephen Miller show, we’ve got the video right here. As you probably have heard, Miller went to the White House press briefing room to explain the new immigration (or should it be anti-immigration?) bill and couldn’t get through it without insulting several reporters. I wonder what the Mooch must be thinking. Via Vox.

Congress forced Donald Trump to sign a Russian sanctions bill into law by passing it with a bipartisan veto-proof mega-majority. Trump writes a signing statement saying that he’s a great businessman, so what the hell is Congress doing getting in the way. And The Atlantic sums up our present Russia policy: Ignore, but sanction.

If you’re looking for someone to try to explain why it’s important for Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department to investigate discrimination against white students in college admissions, you can find it here in The National Review.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank writes that everything you need to know about Donald Trump you can tell by his golf game. And, in case you haven’t read it yet, everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s golf game is in this Sports Illustrated article, which Milbank calls one of the best pieces of political journalism in the Trump age.

The one thing you can be sure of in the Trump administration, says Frank Rich in New York magazine, is that John Kelly is destined to fail. He won’t stop the leaks (there was a huge leak involving Kelly soon after he took the job). He won’t bring order to the disorder that Trump demands. And he won’t keep Jared Kushner from sticking in the knife.

The chaos in Washington? The fortunes of the Trump agenda? Questions about tax reform? None of that seems to matter on Wall Street as the stock market keeps booming. Via The New York Times.

Why we should take very seriously Trump’s so-called jokes about police brutality, and it’s not just because they’re not funny. Via The New Yorker.

David Ignatius: Trump is right — yeah, really — when it comes to China and North Korea. There can be no political resolution of the North Korean nuclear problem without China playing a critical role. Now it’s up to Trump to act on that understanding. Via The Washington Post.

Photo by Ana Paula Hirama, via Flickr: Creative Commons