Wiretap: Chuck and Nancy go back to the White House and come out smiling again

Chuck and Nancy say they have made a deal with Donald Trump that would protect the Dreamers from deportation and do so without including the border wall. The White House press team is desperately trying to say that the Democratic leaders are overstating the case. Trump, meanwhile, is sending out tweets about Crooked Hillary. Via The New York Times.

Is Trump really embracing a new bipartisan strategy to try to actually get something accomplished? Or is he just trying to scare his fellow Republicans into line? Via The Washington Post.

What the future looks like for one DACA recipient with three U.S.-citizen kids. At this point, she still has 19 months to figure something out. Via The New Yorker.

It’s not surprising to see the 15 Democratic senators latch on to Bernie Sanders’ single-payer, Medicare-for-all outline of a healthcare plan. The more Republicans do to sabotage Obamacare, the more room it gives Democrats to move to the left. Via Vox.

Dana Milbank: The last time Bernie Sanders introduced a single-payer bill, he had exactly no co-sponsors. What has changed? It’s not clear whether Sanders is really a Democrat, but it’s starting to look like Democrats are turning Bernie-style socialist Via The Washington Post.

The ever-expanding Michael Flynn investigation now takes us from Washington to Moscow to Cairo to Tel Aviv to who knows where else. Throw in some Russian nuclear reactors and you can see that this story won’t be finished any time soon. Via The Atlantic.

From The National Review: Trump should stop talking about former FBI Director James Comey. There’s no doubt that the White House is politicizing law enforcement, which is exactly what the Trump team has been accusing Comey of doing.

From 20 years in prison for murder to a rising Ph.D. candidate: a tale of redemption and rejection. Via The New York Times.

Photo by Lorie Shaull via Flickr: Creative Commons