An evening with Clarence Moses-EL

ATTENTION news junkies, civil libertarians, and anyone familiar with the twisted case against Clarence Moses-EL, who spent 28 years behind bars on a wrongful conviction:

Join us Thursday, October 12th for an evening with Clarence.

This is man who kept his head straight after being plucked from his life and sentenced to 48 years for a sex assault he didn’t commit, his faith up after learning that police tossed all the DNA evidence – which was stored a box marked “DO NOT DESTROY” – in a dumpster, and his eye on freedom during more than a decade of attempts by former Denver DA Mitch Morrissey to keep the confession of another man (whom Morrissey’s own office had convicted for rape) from coming to light.

Trust us when we say his story will make your head hurt, and that Clarence himself will knock your socks off.

The event is a fundraiser for The Colorado Independent’s nonprofit newsroom. Click here for details. We hope to see you there!

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