Quick on the draw: Cartoonist Mike Keefe and his thing about gun violence

Some of us here at The Independent have, in one way or another, been working with Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Mike Keefe for a few decades. We know him to be a quiet math nerd and news junky who has seen headlines come and go, and isn’t easily rattled. Except when there’s a mass shooting. And when that shooting is followed by gun policy inaction. And when more shootings follow. And more after that. As soon as our news alerts sound about another act of carnage, we know Mike will be quick on the draw, half joking about the senselessness of U.S. gun policy, yet drop-dead serious in his frustration.

We share Mike’s frustration. And sometimes words alone aren’t enough to express it. So here’s a small sampling – a hit parade, if you will – of his gun-related cartoons. Most of these are original to The Independent. But some date back to his years at The Denver Post, when we remember Mike pacing the halls, his brow furled, in the days when mass shootings seemed incomprehensible. We thank our former colleagues at The Post for allowing us to post them.


  1. Thanks for the retrospective. I remember several of these from their original publication.

    Until the gun control movement does more than react after massacres, little will be done. Until there is an effective mobilization demonstrating enough power to actually counterbalance and defeat politicians beholden to the NRA, there won’t be change.

  2. Just like healthcare, a (minority) portion of the country just can’t seem to wrap their minds around following the developed world’s best practices on gun control, to the detriment of us all. Profit over people…again.

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